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professional cleaningWe are professional cleaning company based in the area of Bethnal Green. We have been around for plenty of years already and we take pride in our core values of honesty and providing premium cleaning services at economical rates.

Our agency was born out of the need for hard working housekeepers that place great importance on a property’ cleanliness and owner’s healthiness. Over all these years of offering professional cleaning services we have become a role model for the rest competitors.

Cleanliness is something very essential to most of us and we know that not all of us find cleaning enjoyable. You love when your home or office smells and feels fresh, don’t you?

Leading such hectic lives, it is almost impossible to catch up with the cleaning duties. If you want your property to be clean but you cannot manage to find that free time to do it on your own, do not worry. Booking our professional cleaning services is the best alternative for you.

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    We have the necessary expertise and hence provide the highest levels of cleanliness set in this industry. We have invested in powerful cleaning equipment which is the best available on the contemporary market in Bethnal Green.

    Plus, our cleaners are some of the most experienced in this business and can exceed even the most demanding expectations.

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    Big thanks to your diligent cleaning employees. I have never seen a more diligent and professional team of cleaning technicians. They are responsible for the amazingly clean surfaces at home. I couldn’t see a single flaw in the cleaning that they carried out- thank you guys!

    Would you agree that a clean and tidy property is bound to leave a good first impression on your guests? If yes, then let us provide you with the desired cleanliness. We work very quickly and efficiently, paying attention even to the smallest details.

    We can leave any property as clean as never! Make us your choice today and you will even get a free quote. Not only do our prices are fair, we also can offer you a package which is customised according to your particular needs and requests.

    Each and every customer receives the most excellent customer service

    • Affordable professional cleaning
    • Availability around the clock
    • Trained, insured and experienced cleaners
    • Our professional cleaning services can be booked from anywhere in E2
    • All cleaning products included in the price

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    Guru Clean London is a young and developing cleaning company, offering a wide range of cleaning services suitable for residential and commercial spaces. We have several years of experience and this enables us to offer you a team of committed cleaners, the latest cleaning solutions available on the market and the most important, personal attention. While you are out there working or spending valuable time with your family, we will be taking domestic chores off your to-do list.


    We can assist you with a wide range of cleaning services. Our representatives are trained to deal with all types of housework in a comprehensive and efficient manner. Your satisfaction with their performance is guaranteed. They will arrive at the appointed time, make a pre-cleaning inspection and get to work. For your convenience, our teams are supplied with the necessary equipment. There is nothing left for you to provide.