Eltham Professional Cleaning

professional cleaningThe difference between the cleaning you will utilize on your own and the cleaning our professional cleaning service will provide for you is huge!

There is no place for comparison and if you hadn’t have experienced our cleaning then you wouldn’t know just how easy, cheap and effective it is to have your property thoroughly cleansed of all the unwanted dirt and pathogens.

Cleaning is not for everybody but our professional cleaning service is! We have designed a valid and flexible working schedule that allows you to choose the time and date regarding the day of the week – we are available through all seven days of the week.

Regular Cleaning One Off Cleaning Spring,Deep Cleaning
£16 Special Offer£16 £18

    The price rates of our service are also very fair and easily accessible by all working classes in Eltham- we offer an option where you can choose which cleaning chore to leave out of the customized cleaning plan we will make for you.

    The customized cleaning plan helps you follow the process and understand it better- you will know what type of cleaning is being delivered to you and what cleaning materials are being used to conduct it.

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    I received a high class professional cleaning service from your company. The level of cleaning was beyond my expectations. Yes, we left a bit of a mess as we focused more on moving out rather than cleaning. Thanks to you, we kept the security deposit in full. Thanks again.

    Our cleaners are also open for questions and discussions regarding the cleaning process- they are very diligent and thorough and they do not mind answering the customer’s questions.

    Keep in mind that we are one of the few professional cleaning companies in Eltham that use natural cleaners instead of harmful chemical-based solutions that can be found in every store.

    We have tested and perfected them ourselves to match the expectations of our customers. We are strongly green-oriented and we consider the cleaning with chemicals unethical and contradictive to the cause.

    Cleaning like ours is one of a kind, it is unique in so many ways

    • The cleaning we can provide for you differs greatly in all aspects- preparation, execution and end results
    • Our cleaning technicians are carefully picked out from the best, most diligent cleaners in Eltham
    • Years of experience and providing excellent end-cleaning results will ensure your satisfaction of our cleaning
    • We are able to clean off any dirt or stain without exception
    • To know the cleaning essentials is not enough for a thorough, effective cleaning

    Our Cleaning Gallery

    Guru Clean London is well-established and respected professional cleaning company that operates in and around London, England. We know that there a number of cleaning companies to choose from in the capital, but what makes us stand out from the crowd is our commitment to making Londoners satisfied with the professional cleaning service provided. We care about you and your well-being. For this purpose we have provided our cleaners with the latest cleaning products and cutting edge technologies.

    We know that it is hard for some people to let strangers in their homes. That is why we want to assure you that all of our employees are background and reference checked. They have all undergone extensive training programmes to ensure they are all familiar with the latest techniques. You can book our professional cleaning at a time convenient for you. We are flexible with working hours and dates.