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professional cleaningWhen cleaning becomes an issue, people have two options. Either to postpone the respective cleaning duties or search for an outside help. Finding a professional cleaning company is easy, however, how can you be sure that receive a reliable cleaning solution? Operating in the cleaning industry for several years already, our cleaners possess a profound knowledge and excellent understanding of customer service.

We are the cleaning company in Hendon that understands your needs. With us you can book a wide range of cleaning services suitable both for your home or commercial premise.

Our mission is to deliver you a cleaning solution that suits you completely, so don’t hesitate to share your requirements. Work with us and receive peace of mind and extra free time.

Ever since our company was established, we have been collaborating with trustworthy and motivated individuals, who understand the importance of professional cleaning. We organise thorough indoor training programs, which enables our operatives to cover a variety of cleaning projects in a sufficient manner.

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    Further, our specialists are supplied with high-quality cleaning equipment. This enables them to approach every challenge with conviction and deal with the persistent stains with one blow.

    When our cleaning crew is around, you have the peace of mind that your property is in good hands. Our representatives would always go the extra mile to deliver you a service of great value.

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    I needed help with the spring cleaning so I looked for a company and I came across yours. I read about dozens of positive reviews so I did not hesitate to book the services. Thanks god I did. The cleaners who came did a miracle on our home! So professional, so thorough.

    Our cleaning personnel is at your disposal 7 days per week in Hendon. W can maintain your home, sanitise your office, prepare your leased property for the inventory inspection and much more. In case you are interested in smaller cleaning projects such as carpet or oven cleaning, we can help you with this as well.

    Share your request with our office assistants and they will dispatch a team to your address. With us you are guaranteed to receive the reliable cleaning solution that you need. We are at your disposal all week round and will be there at a time that suits you best.

    What else you need to know?

    • Our prices are more than fair
    • Our schedule is developed in compliance with your availability
    • We always search for new ways to offer you even better service
    • Our call centre agents are any time available to take your call
    • We have hundreds of satisfied customers in Hendon

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    You want to impress your guests? What better way to do it than welcome them in an immaculately clean property? You may be surprised, but scientists recently proved that people really praise cleanliness. We are so astonished and impressed when we see a perfectly clean place that we’re even willing to shell our huge amounts of money to own an immaculately clean property.

    Well, with our professional cleaning services, you do not need to spend all your savings on buying a clean place because we can make your property sparkling clean; we will do it for a reasonable price, too.

    We are Guru Clean London – a cleaning company flexible to perform various cleaning services within the premises of the household or office building. If you want more information on the cleaning services our company offers, please contact our friendly customer support team at your convenience – we are available 24/7.