Hither Green Professional Cleaning

professional cleaningWeather you need for a day or every day of week, we are available. Our professional cleaning service is a reliable and comfortable option to many Londoners.

The team behind the service is made up of people who are professionally trained in the Hither Green field and on top of that, some even have a few years of experience behind them.

When we get to work, we are perfectionists, we make sure that by the end of the day, the service is carried out perfectly and the client is satisfied and happy for choosing us.

When a new client calls us, the first thing we do is introduce them to the professional cleaning service. They need to know how everything goes from start to finish, and no details relating the Hither Green area are to be left out. The client must be properly informed.

Regular Cleaning One Off Cleaning Spring,Deep Cleaning
£16 Special Offer£16 £18

    During the introduction, the client may ask questions if they don’t understand something. We will give them the Hither Green answer that they are looking for, and any incidents will be avoided.

    We make sure that all of our clients are provided with the same quality of service from beginning to end. No one is getting less for what they pay for, and no one getting any special treatment.

    Book My Cleaning Service

    A friend of mine recommended your professional cleaning services so I decided to book the domestic cleaning. The housekeepers who came did a fantastic job and did not miss a detail. My home has never been cleaner and I would book again for sure. Plus, the price is very economical.

    After the client hires the professional cleaning service, all they have to do, is wait for us. We are going to make sure to arrive at their home right on time and when we do, we will get to work right away.

    If the client has selected for us to come a few times a week, our job will consist of basically following a list of chores. We will keep the home clean and tidy, doing all of the regular chores.

    We bring comfort back to your home

    • We’ve handled the toughest cases. Your home is not impossible.
    • We are equipped with professional equipment which enhances our performance .
    • The cleaning products that we use are healthy, tested and effective.
    • The client can reschedule an appointment if they need to.
    • The client only pays for the service and nothing else.

    Our Cleaning Gallery

    Guru Clean London has been delivering flexible cleaning solutions to individuals and businesses for more than 5 years already. We specialise in numerous cleaning services suitable for each and every taste.

    Whether you are too busy or think that life is too short to spend it around the house, we have the necessary resources to deal with every cleaning project that you require.

    Working with us is convenient and saves you time. While you are covering your schedule, our cleaning crew will be moving from room to room, making sure that every area is left in excellent condition.

    Our cleaners are experienced and knowledgeable. They participate in extensive training programs and use the latest cleaning materials. When they are in your home or office, you can be confident that it will receive the attention it deserves. Our mission is to provide you with an outside help that gives you peace of mind and comfort.