Holloway Professional Cleaning

professional cleaningHiring a cleaning company is one way to spruce up your property. Whether you expect guests over the weekend or want to make your office more inviting, our professional cleaning is suitable for each and every taste.

Our dedicated cleaners operate in Holloway for several years already and their assistance is always highly appreciated.

We are a trustworthy cleaning company committed to delivering flexible and individualised cleaning solutions. You can make appointments with us every day of the week. We have available cleaners also during the weekend.

Working with us is easy and convenient. Just contact our friendly office assistants and they will guide you through the booking form.

Regular Cleaning One Off Cleaning Spring,Deep Cleaning
£16 Special Offer£16 £18

    Our service includes a profound cleaning of every room with the provision of up to date cleaning equipment. During the cleaning session, our team will hoover and wash the carpets, degrease the kitchen area, wipe the dust off the surfaces, mirrors, pictures, skirting boards, sockets, wash windows, clean the bathroom and much more.

    We consider our cleaning package comprehensive enough but practice shows that every property requires a unique cleaning approach. For this reason, clients are always advised to share any priority cleaning areas in advance. Our mission is to deliver customised cleaning solutions and comfort. We are certain that you will find our assistance beneficial.

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    The cleaners were very personable and respectful, and overall did a fantastic job. I am very impressed with the care they worked with. They paid attention to the smallest of details and left the property absolutely pristine. I am definitely booking these professional cleaning services again.

    For customers’ peace of mind, all cleaners in our team have undergone extensive training. This enables them to cover a variety of cleaning duties in a prompt and efficient manner.

    Our cleaners are well-mannered, hard-working and thorough. We take pride in their ability to delegate the cleaning duties in a sufficient manner and ensure the best possible result.

    You can take advantage of our professional cleaning in N7 and the nearby areas. Just share your preferences with our office assistants and they will create a cleaning plan accordingly.

    With us you receive much more than a standard cleaning service

    • We take your requirements into consideration
    • Our cleaners can visit you quickly everywhere in Holloway
    • Our prices won’t cause you any financial inconvenience
    • Cleaning equipment is also included in the price of the service
    • We offer a variety of free weekend slots

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    Every time we get a client, they become the center of our focus. From the moment they call us till the conclusion of the service, that client is the most important thing for the team that is assigned for them. In every step of the way, the client is made sure to be impressed and know that they have made a good choice.

    The establishment of Guru Clean London was four years ago, and since then, it has grown a lot in every aspect. What was once a small team that only serviced the people from the area and some other clients in the borough, has now become a massive team that goes around all of London, everyday, making people’s lives a lot easier.

    People find us quite convenient, and a lot of our clients keep coming back for more. Endorsement is definitely one of the things we have plenty of.