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professional cleaningEmploy our professional cleaning service, located in Hoxton, to receive a top to bottom cleaning that makes a huge difference and improves the air quality of your property. We offer a detailed deep-cleaning that covers every nook and cranny and gives special attention to even the smallest details.

Your kitchen will be cleaned and sanitized by diligent employees with years of experience. They are very well-familiar with the different types of cleaning treatment and understand that each home deserves special care and requires different cleaning methods.

The kitchen counters, the cabinets and all other surfaces, including those of the kitchen appliances will be wiped cleaned removing oil stains and back-splash from cooking. We will bring the true and beautiful colors of your utilities by applying a proper, thorough cleaning that makes a huge difference.

Regular Cleaning One Off Cleaning Spring,Deep Cleaning
£16 Special Offer£16 £18

    You can design your own customized cleaning plan with the help of our friendly operators as soon as you dial our numbers. They will assist you in shaping it the way you want and you can choose whether or not you want to add or remove a certain chore off the process.

    The price of one of our cleanings differs, depending on the number of chores you want us to undertake.

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    The team was very nice and worked so hard to get my flat back to the way I love it, sparkling clean. They worked very quickly yet efficiently to cover every nook and cranny of the property. I already told my mother about the professional cleaning service of your company, she will be impressed, too.

    We can vacuum, wipe, wash, deep-clean and sanitize any area of your choosing. Basically, whatever your cleaning desire is we are more than happy to oblige and do our best to provide you with the results that each one of our respected customers deserves.

    Other areas like bedrooms, guest rooms and hallways will also experience the full cleaning effect of our cleanings by removing the dust off the carpets, the drapes and under furniture(beds, couches etc).

    Total renovating of your property is now possible with our diligent, effective cleaning in Hoxton

    • We will take the cleaning of your property to higher standards
    • We carry out every single cleaning chores with care and pure professionalism
    • Our cleaners will walk the extra mile for your satisfaction
    • The removal of stains and stubborn dirt spots is guaranteed due to diligence and proper materials
    • All residents of Hoxton are more than welcome schedule their professional cleaning with us at any time, seven days of the week

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    Whenever you are trying to spare yourself the tiring and burdensome cleaning chores and you want to enjoy your free time, you can always give Guru Clean London’s cleaning services a try. We are ready to help you anytime with any task and ease the burden on you. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the services of the best cleaning company in London.

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    We are always ready to fit your different preferences and provide the service which will satisfy all of your needs. You can rely on us anytime because we are very well experienced in this business. All of our cleaners are true professionals who know how to tackle even the dirtiest areas with ease.

    Any home or office can be completely transformed in an instant, if you hire our company’s cleaning services. We have helped many customers across London to enjoy a top-notch cleaning help and we are certain that we can help you, too. Don’t hesitate to call us.