Kennington Professional Cleaning

professional cleaningThe professional service we provide are thorough and deep – provided by real professional cleaning technicians who better than anybody understand the root of the problem and resolve it by using special cleaning solutions that dissolve the dirt from within.

We are located in Kennington and we would like to the take whatever cleaning chores you have off your hands and provide you with just the right end-cleaning results.

Choose our professional cleaning service and schedule your cleaning for when it best suits you- our schedule is flexible enough and we believe it will will fit just right with you time table.

By outsourcing the cleaning chores to us you are most definite to receive just the results you wished and hoped for- we will carry out all the cleaning chores to your liking and provide you with the long-desired end results.

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£16 Special Offer£16 £18

    All of our cleaning technicians are extremely well-qualified- they are nothing less than genuine cleaners with honorary degrees in cleaning. Their capabilities at removing stubborn stains exceed those of any other cleaners in Kennington and we vouch for their assistance in removing dirt and dust of various origin.

    Say goodbye to the stubborn stains and dirt with just one cleaning appointment- we will have your property sparkle and shine from cleanliness, our technicians will always walk the extra mile in order to make you happy with the clean state of your property.

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    The housekeepers who came were absolutely excellent from the very start to the finish; I do not think I can recommend them highly enough. The oven had never been cleaned by professionals and now it looks like new. I will definitely be booking the rest of the professional cleaning services again.

    They work their way out removing thoroughly all sorts of pathogens and dirt. Count on us to double-check every area before leaving the premises- we will clean even the dirt that is hard to see under, above and behind objects and furniture.

    Professional is the word that best describes our cleaning

    • Your property will be invaded by a team of highly-qualified professional cleaning technicians with immense cleaning capabilities, only the best of the best in Kennington
    • Whatever the cleaning chore we will be happy to do it for you and provide you with excellent end results
    • Our cleaning does make a difference in the long sense- it is thorough and very efficient
    • All of our cleaning materials and solutions are made from natural cleaners
    • All tools and cleaners used in the cleaning are provided by our company

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    Guru Clean London is a professional cleaning company, formed four years ago. We are enthusiastic and ambitious company and very committed to what we do, providing outstanding cleaning services- something we are true experts at. Our goal is to keep on delivering fantastic cleaning and even more fantastic final results. Our customer service is simply the best in London.

    We gained reputation second to none for quality professional cleaning services. We offer not only regular maintenance of a premise, no matter residential or commercial one, but one off cleaning sessions as well. Our cleaning teams are professionally trained and we use specialised cleaning equipment to ensure the highest levels of hygiene are achieved. Our administrative headquarters are based in London, where our kind company representatives are waiting for you. We offer you reliability and personal approach. Plus, our professional cleaning service come at prices you can easily afford.