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professional cleaningWe know how expensive carpets are. And, as such, they should be kept clean. Because if you take a proper care of your carpet, it’ll return you the favor by staying with you until the end of time.

If you want to increase the durability of your carpet, you have to keep it clean. To maintain the condition of your carpet for long, vacuum it at least two times a week (and every day if you have pets).

Another thing you should do is avoid walking on your carpet barefooted because body oils and creams you use on your feet can stain the fiber. On the other hand, the humidity from your feet can lead to the spread of fungi and mildew.

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    The most important thing you should do in order to keep your carpet in sound health is book our professional cleaning services at least twice a year. We are a professional cleaning company and we have excellent carpet cleaning specialists. Contact us and book our services and you’ll love the result – we’ll make your carpet look as good as a new.

    Our professional cleaning company is based and operates in Manor Park. We are not exclusively designed to and able to perform carpet cleaning services only – rather, we offer a number of professional cleaning services.

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    I would like to recommend this company’s professional cleaning services to anybody who does not have time to spare for cleaning. I have been a customer for the past two years and these fellows have never disappointed me. They always put efforts in every task they undertake. Give them a try.

    You can book us to deep clean your home or office, to clean your oven, windows, and we’re also able to perform the end of tenancy cleaning of your rented or rental property. Our cleaning services are delivered by professional and licensed cleaning experts.

    In terms of our carpet cleaning service, we’ll clean your carpet in a 5-step cleaning manner. First we will vacuum your carpet with our heavy duty vacuum cleaner, pre-clean treat stains and high-traffic areas, deep steam clean your carpet, deodorize it, and finally, we’ll extract up to 95 percent moisture from your freshly cleaned carpet. Book our services, we’re the best carpet cleaners in E12.

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    Healthy indoor environment contributes to the well-being of every person. At Guru Clean London, we believe that there are much more pleasant things to do than cleaning and offer our customers a variety of cleaning services. We started our business several years ago with the clear mission to deliver personal attention, peace of mind and the most important 100 per cent customer satisfaction. Today, we are famous for our reliability in many areas of London.

    People trust us with their homes because we collaborate only with experienced and knowledgeable individuals. Being fully trained and armed with up to date cleaning equipment, our representatives are able to cover all types and sizes of cleaning projects. They are ready for action even during the weekend. We are certain that you will find our professional cleaning fantastic, so go ahead and contact our office assistants. One of them will be happy to guide you through the booking form.