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professional cleaningOur company is here to answer all your prayers. We have been providing residents of Mayfair with our professional cleaning services long enough to know what everybody, who is booking us, expect from us.

We are extensively experienced in the field of cleaning and we have the confidence that you would appreciate our help. There is no more need to spend all your free time in vacuuming, scrubbing and dusting. We are here to do all the job for you while you focus your time and energy on activities which you actually enjoy doing.

Founded many years ago, our company’s mission is to offer and deliver to its customers efficient and reliable cleaning solutions. With years we have managed to perfect our cleaning approaches and… ourselves.

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    Over all this time of being around we have been working really hard to develop our strategies and methods. We know how important it is to be surrounded by a clean and healthy environment and as we understand that it is hard to maintain a property with so many other responsibilities on the top of your head, we are here to cross off this activity of your to do list.

    Benefit from our professional cleaning services today and you will be happy tomorrow. We are available not only for regular maintenance of properties (both commercial and residential) but we are also able to assist you with one off cleaning sessions, whether it be for pre/ post party cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning or else.

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    I am here to share my impressions with your company. First of all, I appreciate how kind your agent was! He told me everything I need to know. The cleaners were also very friendly and worked so hard till everywhere was spotless. Not to mention how budget-friendly the rates were.

    The cleaners who we work with are with us since the very beginning. They are all vastly experienced and trained to provide you with the highest levels of cleanliness possible.

    They work in an organised manner and just for a couple of hours, your property will be spotless and sparkling. Waste no more time and contact our company at a time convenient for you.

    Efficient professional cleaning services in Mayfair

    • Some of the most economical rates for such services in W1
    • Trained and hard working cleaners
    • Efficient and quick cleaning sessions
    • 100% customer satisfaction

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    Why would you rather spend all your free time cleaning when you can spend it doing what you love instead? Of course, you know how important keeping clean is, and we understand that, too. Yet, it is a fact that people who would rather spend their time cleaning end up spending up to 75 per cent less quality time with their loved ones. And that is just shameful.


    Realising how precious your time is, we at Guru Clean London offer to alleviate you of the tiresome burden of household cleaning. We highly praise ourselves for the blessing to have a team of diligent cleaning experts with more than a year of experience in the field of professional cleaning. You can rely on us to perform a number of professional cleaning services. We are available for booking any day of the week, including on bank holidays as well. Choose us and you’ll love the result.