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professional cleaningDid you know that if you don’t clean your oven often enough, you increase the possibility of domestic fire by a tenfold?

Burnt on grease and grime on the surface of your carpet could catch fire. Of course, that won’t happen in an instant. Firstly, burnt on grime will cause your meals to smell and even taste like stale grease. Then, your oven will start to smoke every time you use it. And if you keep neglecting it, it’s very likely to catch fire.

Be honest – what’s better – to pay a reasonable price and have your oven cleaned at least twice a year, or to risk a domestic fire and not clean your oven? We think that the first option is far better than the second one.

And that is why we offer you to take advantage of our professional cleaning services today. We are a professional cleaning company based in Plumstead and we offer a wide variety of professional cleaning services, among which oven cleaning.

Regular Cleaning One Off Cleaning Spring,Deep Cleaning
£16 Special Offer£16 £18

    Contact us and book our professional oven cleaning services today and we’ll make your oven look and work like a brand new one. We work with professional equipment and environmentally friendly cleaning products.

    Choose us over our competition in Plumstead because we know how to take care of your oven. Unlike our competition, we clean ovens properly by disassembling and reassembling them and wiping clean all parts of your oven.

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    Now that I have my brilliant maid to help me around the house, I don’t want to remember what it was like before that! It was a real struggle for me… Thanks to her I can finally find time for rest. I know I can leave my home in her hands without a worry in the world because she’s very responsible and hard-working. Impeccable work! I can’t be more grateful for her care!

    Book our professional cleaning services and we’ll make your oven look as good as new. We are professionals and we have more than 3 years of experience in the field of professional cleaning. Our technicians are experienced and certified professionals and we have a friendly and helpful customer support team.

    Apart from our oven cleaning services, our cleaning company specializes also in professional carpet cleaning, professional deep cleaning, professional windows and professional end of tenancy cleaning services.

    A brand new oven without the cost

    • Certified cleaning experts
    • Great performance-price ratios
    • Cleaning your oven top to bottom
    • Using only environmentally friendly cleaning products
    • Working throughout the week and also on bank holidays, too

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    Need some extra help with the maintenance of your home or commercial premise? Guru Clean London is here to deliver you with a high-quality professional cleaning and peace of mind accordingly. We operate in the cleaning industry for a considerable amount of time already and today command a team of properly trained and knowledgeable individuals. You can count on them for everything from a small domestic duty to a major cleaning project.

    As a cleaning company committed to customer satisfaction, we organise extensive training programs, which enables our cleaners to work in a sufficient manner and ensure durable cleaning results. For your peace of mind, everyone in our team is background checked and has clear criminal records. When our cleaning crew is around, you can be confident that your home will be very well taken care of. Our customers deserve nothing but the best service.